"people who are kneaded by people are the luckiest people in the world"

on site acupressure massage


Many think of massage as a way to relax, but it is so much more.


It can help with all kinds of stresses and strains. From physical injuries such as sore musculature to mental stresses. It can ease overstretched minds, soothe emotional states and promote general well-being.


A staggering 12.8 million days are lost in British Industry each year to stress at a cost of £12.1bn.* In a MORI poll, stress affected the health of over a third of the population.**


On site acupressure (OSM) can help you in so many ways.


Top 10 Benefits:



1. It relaxes and rejuvenates the body and mind. Most employees are absent either because of musculo-skeletal problems (20%) or mental health issues (26%). - BUPA Dr. Jeremy Loemser.


2. It helps combat repetitive strain injury. OSM work on the hands, arms, neck and shoulders, dealing directly with the symptoms and we also address the causes by working with postural and lifestyle issues.


3. It reduces muscle tension so that stress and a bad back can be left behind.


4. No more pains in the neck.


5. It's a champion at beating insomnia. People often say that they sleep well for the first time years after their treatments.


6. It reduces absenteeism.


7. It acts as a preventative health system against sickness and injury.


8. It improves the capacity for calm thought and creativity.


9. It enhances self esteem and body awareness.


10. And as a result, greater productivity in business; more profitability and everyone is happy!



Contact Belinda to set up an appointment. All that is needed is a room, Kneading People provides the ergonomically designed chair and qualified Kneader.


*Health and Safety Executive 2003/4

**CBI 2004 Absence and Labour Turnover Survey

"Thank you for working, relaxing, soothing those muscles - in only 20 minutes - who would have believed it."

 - Sarah N. Interior Designer.

"Naturally energised as opposed to running on adrenalin."

- Linda G, Managing Director, Recruitment Agency.

"Mind clearing, like taking out the rubbish but ensuring that the valuable things haven't been thrown away."

- Neil M TV Executive.


"people who are kneaded by people are the luckiest people In the world"