"people who are kneaded by people are the luckiest people in the world"

Accepting and embracing change.  All our lives are affected by it.  That is what shapes us, helps us grow into ourselves and contribute to the world.  However, at times it can also feel overwhelming and shocking.


And there are times when there seems like too much is happening.  It's then that we need help so we can understand calmly what is going on and make the most of the experience to emerge the other side fitter, wiser and stronger.” So says Belinda Knox who has a toolkit of processes that can help you understand what is going on and learn from these events.


Not only does she have experience working with individual change but her work building up a 9,000 strong alumni community gave her immense and diverse understanding of a wide age and interest range in a large organisation.


From nutrition to networking, Belinda can help.


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