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tidying corners


Are you feeling swamped by a rising tide of clutter? Do you dread the avalanche of clothes when you open your well stuffed wardrobe? Are the drawers in your home overflowing? Do you feel generally boxed in by life?


Well don't despair - help is at hand. My name is Belinda and I can be your guardian helper. I am a wellness coach who specialises in decluttering. I can guide you through the process and help you tackle the obstacle course.


These days most of us lead busy lives with little time to spare. It's easy to use our immediate surroundings as a dumping ground. We all know the old saying "out of sight - out of mind." Just shove things in the cupboard and the mess goes away - problem solved! But how long can one do this without getting completely snowed under and stressed out.


Just ask yourself: Are you collecting things for no good reason? How often have you thought that you must tidy your desk only to be distracted and the desk seems to stare back at you defiantly?zOr perhaps it is the wardrobe which is bursting at the seams and more clothes are lying around?


You may have tried in vain to do it on your own and it just doesn't work so you leave it and get on with other things.  But it is still there! Or you might have had a change of circumstances in your life and it is all too much.  Perhaps you have moved house or are trying to clear the former home of a departed loved one.


Often the answer is a major clear out, but just the mere thought of such a herculean task is enough to put people off. Instead of sinking into the sloth of despond  pick up the

phone and call me on 0797722 5975 or dash off an email to


Here are some of the comments from grateful clients!


"I felt so blocked before I got able to move the boxes and and I am now able to see! what needs to be done.  Thank you Belinda."    Joy


"I feel cleaner and fresher now I have made a start going through my belongings and letting go of what I do not need"          Annabel