"people who are kneaded by people are the luckiest people in the world"

walking for health


“So many of us experience peace of mind, physical well-being and a positive mental attitude from walking.  Not only does it set thoughts working in a rhythmical way, but it also releases endorphins so people feel chirpy and energised.  A down a day keeps us very much in play,” says Belinda.


Belinda has authored and photographed three books on major walks in the UK.   “These books are a chance to see the landscape either before you walk the way, or as a memento afterwards. We are so lucky to live with so much beauty about."


Long distance paths which require many days to complete, a fair amount of planning, yield many rewards.  One step at a time we are transported into a different world, a calmer, kinder and more grounded reality."


If you want to know how to plan a hike such as these, contact Belinda and she will help you make it happen. She also thoroughly enjoys speaking about these walks to groups of interested people.


The South Downs Way is available through Amazon.  You can get e-copies of the other books by contacting Belinda, and you can get a taster of these books by clicking on the images to the right.


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Belinda wrapped up warm in a jacket on one of her walks.